Last night while traversing through one of my favorite website ūüôā i notice a link to Salma Hayek sex tape that left me speechless because i thought it was just another trick until i saw the evidence and i am truly disturbed about what example these idiots are showing to our children (warning-mature content!!) see link–> http://www.yourfilehost.com/media.php?cat=video&file=2688salma_hayek_showerfuck.flv

It seems¬† like if you’re a celebrity you must have sex tape hidden somewhere or you must show some skin in order to get¬† famous and be recognized. I have¬† alway heard¬† rumors about a tape¬† but now i am convinced.¬† Why did she¬† had¬† to go that route to sell herself for money? I have seen the Kim Kardashian tape, the Paris tapes,the¬† Pamela¬† Anderson¬† tapes etc. As a blogger it is important to see and verify things of public importance and please do not ask me to put them on my site!!(i don’t want to get sued).

Lets have a petition,ban porn stars from having children!! Ok thats harsh but something needs to be done about these idiots negatively influencing our children.


https://i1.wp.com/www.skeptic.com/eskeptic/05-02-18images/RACE_Book_Cover.jpgI was reading a book by a famous scholar and he provided evidence that suggested that the problems of race was deeply embedded into society ever since the times the Greeks visited Pharaohs in Egypt and¬† have carried on to this day.¬† Today if you ask someone here in America of a certain persuasion whats your race,he’ll probably tell you hes’ American. Thats exactly what some people put on their census forms every ten years. But how is American a race? I know it is a nationality but a race,not to my understanding¬† of the meaning of the word.

I think people rightfully call themselves American as a race because people are called African American,Hispanic American etc. But isn’t an American only an American whether or not naturalized. Why can’t people be accepted as who they are, why we always have to make people feel unwelcome by calling them something to imply second class status? This great country have achieve so much positives but also negatives in its quest to do the right thing but the question is what is the right thing,who is right? Why can’t everyone be called simply An American,not African American,not Hispanic American.

When i listened to Michelle Obama say that for the first time in her life she is proud of her country,i believe her and simpatize with her. Even calling someone black or white is simply inappropriate because in color there is no value. Can you buy white or black? no you can not because its worthless,that is what is protrayed when someone says that black guy or that white woman they are implying worthlessness. Why can’t everyone be accepted as who they are Americans nothing more nothing less.

They told us that the internet would bring us increase knowledge and access to information that would benefit all of us but i haven’t seen the benefit when our children are failing miserably in math and the sciences. What are we going to do stay dumb forever and outsource everything to the Chinese? The Chinese are better educated that we all came from Africa,the evidence is in our genes but how many people in American knows that? they are probably watching the new episode of America next Top Model and some of my fellow republican wouldn’t want you to know that so i’ll say it, i am sorry for all the wrongs done to you all and hope you can move on..

Bush jabs Obama

George Bush draft the twinsGeorge Bush draft the twinsThis week in Israel our president found the oportunity to jab Barrack Obama for wanting to talk with “terrorist” while on foreign soil which i think is very inapropriate. He gave a good speech and was applauded and interrupted on numerous occasions and then the bomb. He likens Obama wanting to talk to terrorist to people who wanted to talk to hilter. He didn’t mention Obama by name but everyone knows who he was refering to when he was talking about appeasers who just wanted to talk.

¬†Why is the president criticizing Barrack for wanting to talk to terrorists when the Bush administration talks to China? I am scratching my head but isn’t the Chinese government a state sponser of terrorism when they kill,torture and maim its own people for wanting freedom? Isn’t the kremlin in Russia a terrorist organisation for directing assasinations on foreign soil and for trying to subvert democracy in former soviets states by illegal means? Did America its self commit terrorists acts when it supported dictatorships in South America? Ex general Agusto Pinochet,do you remember him and how many people he¬† killed? Bush should shut the hell up, hes’ just making it worst for every other republican in office. Why can’t he just go away and just “chill out” with reverend wright because hes’ now useless and can’t get anything done. He messed up the economy and now he wants to sabotage MacCain. Will someone please tell him to go away or shup up….

Hillary\'s secretThe dragon lady stabs Obama in a very predictable victory which many pundits predicted. So predictable was it that  Obama only went to west virginia about three times compare to Hillary thirteen times.

Why didn’t he try harder to gain more votes? I have to ask myself and all of you out there,was he playing a strategy to get her to spend more of the little money that she have? Did that two to one wopping percentage margin by Hillary show that Obama is unelectable and forever tainted? votes will¬† tell.

Hillary ClintonThe writing is on the wall. If you haven’t seen it or recognized the signs of an ailing campaign¬† battle which is almost over,then you should check your lens. If nothing is wrong with your lens,then check your head because the writing is on the wall baby. I first noticed it when she¬†lent her campaign millions of dollars to pay staff earlier this year,¬†then after two victories she made a appeal for people to go to her website to make donations. She have also started to consistently lend money to her campaign which is a historic sign when presidential run are also over. What could also be another sign is that Barrack Obama hinted that he could help her pay off her debt since he is swimming in cash at the moment.

In every presidential campaign, when a candidate starts to borrow money it is the beginning of the end. Hillary and Obama have shattered many records in this campaign,raising over half a Billion dollar. But,will money or lack there of be enough to win the presidency? time will tell.

Its doubtful she will leave even if she spend her last dime since she said shes’ not getting out and she have a wider base than Obama. If she have a wider base,then why is she behind? ahah maybe i am too dumb to¬†know that question.

The Page – by Mark Halperin – TIME

Obama wants us to focus not on him,but on the issues. Can someone please remind him hes’ running for president. I don’t just want to know what¬†he plan to do when¬†he is president. I also want to know who¬†he is and the people¬†he hang out with which is a fair testament of¬†his thinking. So i want to hear more of Rev.Wright,i want to hear what he heard for 20 years and until recently expudiated the man because it was¬†politically the right thing to do.

Mr.Obama’s other “friend”(or mentor?) Mr. riccio is currently on trial. I am eager to get hold of the leaked transcripts to see just how closely this crook was connected to Obama. What will be interested to know is how the Obamas afforded their home which they couldn’t at the time afford to own. What is interested to know is that their home is a historical home and Michelle Obama used her influence on the historical society’s board in Illinois to get the home. They tried to buy it at least 3 times. I have a radar locked on Rev.Wright’s movements¬†so when he raises his head and open his filthy mouth, i will be waiting to enjoy every moment of the show.

Obama,you are running for president  so act like it you dummy. Same goes for McCain,i know he is a old guy but come on show some energy and come out swinging.Jeez that wife of his needs to give him some chinese ginseng.

Mr. Jack Cafferty of CNN asked that stupid question which we all know the answer. Many people are afraid to say it because they know who is the alternative. They are thinking it but are deeply disturbed about the prospect of another Clinton term. Their minds are in deep turmoil like deciding whether or not to take money from wealthy lobbyist. Sweaty psalms, red faces, sticky fingers and the prospect of making themselves look good.

They know Obama is now damaged goods which is not saying much about his predicament with his blabber mouth ex-pastor. They hate Hillary which is why they are not moving in droves to her right now. I guess they are waiting for Obama to crash and burn on his own(and to realize it!!). If they decide to make the decision for him, they might come across as racists so everyone is trying to look good for the camera.

I think that the superdelegates will make the decision after the party have long been crashed with dried blood on the faces of¬† Obama, Hillary and the blabber mouth who wouldn’t go away. The hang over will be painful and the best candidate Mill Romney will not be the winner,but the sometimes erratic so called maverick Juan Maccain.