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Mr. Jack Cafferty of CNN asked that stupid question which we all know the answer. Many people are afraid to say it because they know who is the alternative. They are thinking it but are deeply disturbed about the prospect of another Clinton term. Their minds are in deep turmoil like deciding whether or not to take money from wealthy lobbyist. Sweaty psalms, red faces, sticky fingers and the prospect of making themselves look good.

They know Obama is now damaged goods which is not saying much about his predicament with his blabber mouth ex-pastor. They hate Hillary which is why they are not moving in droves to her right now. I guess they are waiting for Obama to crash and burn on his own(and to realize it!!). If they decide to make the decision for him, they might come across as racists so everyone is trying to look good for the camera.

I think that the superdelegates will make the decision after the party have long been crashed with dried blood on the faces of  Obama, Hillary and the blabber mouth who wouldn’t go away. The hang over will be painful and the best candidate Mill Romney will not be the winner,but the sometimes erratic so called maverick Juan Maccain.


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