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U.S. soldiers assisting displaced Iraqi civilians.

I was wanted to go to Afghanistan to kick  some ass, so  did many other Americans. When ex general Collin Powell went to the United nations, I watched him present his case. I believed him and so did many other Americans. Even today i am glad we went in to remove Saddam. I was disappointed a bit that no nuclear weapons of mass destruction was found, but i was elated  when Saddam was caught. I was very much against the killing of Saddam because the way the trial was run, it appeared to be a “kangaroo court,” if you don’t know what is a “kangaroo court” just ask your law professor. It is worst place you want to be especially in a country where you don’t speak the language. Now we are at a crossroad in time, do we bring our troops home or do we let them stay in Iraq?the arguments for leaving are:

1: Iraq is now a magnet for terrorism in the heart of the Muslim world that makes us more insecure.


2: We will be there for too long spending trillions of dollars losing American lives for nothing, because the Iraq government is inept, corrupt and simply can’t function in a diverse country as Iraq.


The arguments in favor of staying the course in Iraq is:

1: If Iraq is the magnet for terrorism, then thats where we should be. Fighting them to the ground until they can’t show their evil heads again. This will ensure the war against terrorism is never fought on American soil and will therefore keep the country safe.


2: We have to spread democracy to a people that have been tortured, killed, dehumanized by dictatorship and cruelty. As the leader of the free world, we can’t stand around and do nothing like in Rwanda and other places. The time  to  act is now.

Of course we want an end to this war, most of us who are intellectually sane  knows that we can’t keep the status quo forever.  A deadline would aid  the terrorist.  not  leaving  would  ferment more anti-American sentiments.  Leaving  a  young Iraqi  government would be disastrous. We can’t afford it. Yes yes and yes. These are all valid, but which will we choose or more we should ask ourselves- what would  Jesus do?


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