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 If you were surprised, then you are dilusional. Why can’t you get it through your head, the police is always right. It doesn’t matter whether or not they jump out of the bush and you didn’t hear them. You’re supposed to know  who they are even if they didn’t say so and your supposed to respect authority or you are going to get shot. In the supreme court case of VIRGINIA V. MOORE, http://www.supremecourtus.gov/opinions/07pdf/06-1082.pdf this result is very troubling for our future!!! Now the Sean bell case i can assure you is not going to go over well. Firstly in my humble position, why does it take 50 shots to stop a car? maybe i need to go back to college to equip myself better so that i can answer that question. Secondly, why did the principal shooter had to reload his gun, wow he reloaded his gun-stunning? no, not when you have to stop a blackman.

Some people are waiting for something, some people are expecting violence and something to put on t.v, how sad,how sad that it have come to this. I can assure you that louis Farakhan will be mobilizing people, look what the white man have done again, the hateful/racist white man. And not forgeting Al Sharpton gets more airtime. I know for sure it is not over!! something will be done and it will be on television. I will be there waiting as the other white folks glue to the television to see what hell will breaks loose. Another riot?





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    When i think of tomorrow i wonder about the world to come. Not of another world, but not one that we envisioned. The effects of

the celebrity culture, the gun culture, the drug culture, the narcissistic culture and yes our culture of mediocrity. This country is a great country in terms of ideals, technology, democracy,

opportunities etc.There is no where else many of us would want to be. But our children are failing miserably in math and sciences, children who are driven to learn and succeed are called nerds.

They are called nerds by idiots who would later slip into the abyss of people  just “trying to get by.” We have shipped almost all our manufacturing jobs overseas to China, India, Vietnam etc.

All we have left are service jobs and a few in technology “in house”outsourcing.jpg.   Will there be a tomorrow where our children can safely say, I’m going to work now pops? That is not a reality since children

today are more interested in the now. The now as in not being prepared, enjoying life and whatever happens will happen. Our obsessions will Paris

Hilton, Britney Spears and other celebrities have totally made us brain dead zombies. See link–>http://perezhilton.com/2008-03-27-throwing-punches , http://perezhilton.com/2008-03-20-skewering-spears and  http://www.frankwbaker.com/kids_media_celebrity.htm.

We are so brain dead that we are being invaded by “Latinos”. In 2080, will our children speak English? probably not. We are so brain dead that white

people now call each other the N-word. If you’nt heard it, that’s great, but this hurtful word have now been desensitised so that whites can now call

other whites such a word. Money grabbing corporations are plundering our morals, our belief in god and doing the right thing all in the name of

making a quick buck. The http://www.nra.org/  and the http://www.aclu.org/  are great organizations, but sometimes i have to wonder whether or not

they have our interest at heart. As an example, the http://www.aclu.org/ fought against a law that makes it illegal for sex offenders to be in certain places where children are located

http://www.wave3.com/global/story.asp?s=6834230&ClientType=Printable and the NRA have fought against attempts to prevent gun ownership by crazy maniacs. Remember Virginia tech? see

link–>http://www.cnn.com/2007/US/04/19/gun.laws/index.html  The only thing the Governor did was closed the loop hole to prevent gun ownership by non-citizens.  My children are crying,

they are scared they will never grow up to be successful unless they show some skin, make a porn video and then get famously arrested with “special treatment.” My children are crying because

social security will not exist for them since everyone do not pay their fair share. I look into their eyes and i cry also. I have failed them, we have failed them, America failed us.

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