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Last night while traversing through one of my favorite website šŸ™‚ i notice a link to Salma Hayek sex tape that left me speechless because i thought it was just another trick until i saw the evidence and i am truly disturbed about what example these idiots are showing to our children (warning-mature content!!) see link–> http://www.yourfilehost.com/media.php?cat=video&file=2688salma_hayek_showerfuck.flv

It seemsĀ  like if you’re a celebrity you must have sex tape hidden somewhere or you must show some skin in order to getĀ  famous and be recognized. I haveĀ  alway heardĀ  rumors about a tapeĀ  but now i am convinced.Ā  Why did sheĀ  hadĀ  to go that route to sell herself for money? I have seen the Kim Kardashian tape, the Paris tapes,theĀ  PamelaĀ  AndersonĀ  tapes etc. As a blogger it is important to see and verify things of public importance and please do not ask me to put them on my site!!(i don’t want to get sued).

Lets have a petition,ban porn stars from having children!! Ok thats harsh but something needs to be done about these idiots negatively influencing our children.


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