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The Page – by Mark Halperin – TIME

Obama wants us to focus not on him,but on the issues. Can someone please remind him hes’ running for president. I don’t just want to know what he plan to do when he is president. I also want to know who he is and the people he hang out with which is a fair testament of his thinking. So i want to hear more of Rev.Wright,i want to hear what he heard for 20 years and until recently expudiated the man because it was politically the right thing to do.

Mr.Obama’s other “friend”(or mentor?) Mr. riccio is currently on trial. I am eager to get hold of the leaked transcripts to see just how closely this crook was connected to Obama. What will be interested to know is how the Obamas afforded their home which they couldn’t at the time afford to own. What is interested to know is that their home is a historical home and Michelle Obama used her influence on the historical society’s board in Illinois to get the home. They tried to buy it at least 3 times. I have a radar locked on Rev.Wright’s movements so when he raises his head and open his filthy mouth, i will be waiting to enjoy every moment of the show.

Obama,you are running for president  so act like it you dummy. Same goes for McCain,i know he is a old guy but come on show some energy and come out swinging.Jeez that wife of his needs to give him some chinese ginseng.


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Mr. Jack Cafferty of CNN asked that stupid question which we all know the answer. Many people are afraid to say it because they know who is the alternative. They are thinking it but are deeply disturbed about the prospect of another Clinton term. Their minds are in deep turmoil like deciding whether or not to take money from wealthy lobbyist. Sweaty psalms, red faces, sticky fingers and the prospect of making themselves look good.

They know Obama is now damaged goods which is not saying much about his predicament with his blabber mouth ex-pastor. They hate Hillary which is why they are not moving in droves to her right now. I guess they are waiting for Obama to crash and burn on his own(and to realize it!!). If they decide to make the decision for him, they might come across as racists so everyone is trying to look good for the camera.

I think that the superdelegates will make the decision after the party have long been crashed with dried blood on the faces of  Obama, Hillary and the blabber mouth who wouldn’t go away. The hang over will be painful and the best candidate Mill Romney will not be the winner,but the sometimes erratic so called maverick Juan Maccain.

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Who will be the victim?






The very abrasive Rev.wright was very articulate on the PBS interview with Bill Moyers that he laid all my fears to rest that he is a raging maniac who needs to be muzzled. But after his eccentric display of unexplainable behavior at the NAACP event, i am sure Obama wants him dead. As a matter of fact, if the Reverend should be found dead under any circumstances, check Obama’s camp. I am sure the method of death will be strangulation with a bar of soap in his mouth and the perpetrator will leave a Obama poster with fingerprints by accident(college educated?).

This guy who have/will destroy Obama’s chance of making history is an example of why many politicians do not run for public office. The chickens always come home to roost and on many occasions is very embarrasing such as politicians in the closet, bathroom solicitations,marital affairs,money laundering and kickbacks etc. I am afraid to say it but i will,anyone who kills MR.Wright will eventually be pardon by Obama. Remember he will sit will the leaders of Cuba,Iran and leaders of terrorist organizations so that pardoning that person will be essencial for national healing. He have the audacity of hope that the person will change his behavior. Unfortunately, that person that will need pardoning is not a he, but rather a she,you see its his wife. She have a greater stake in him being President than he does and if she have to poison Rev.Wright so that she can be proud of her country, she will!!

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John Maccain


This election year is the most stunning in years. Most stunning for its’ surprises as well as the consistencies. We have Senator John Maccain who was a “D” student at the navy academy, who left his then wife at her hospital bed to go have a affair with his new wife(Gold digger?).  Then Hillary, the lying, conniving senator from NY. Everytime i hear this woman speak, i wonder whether or not she is speaking the truth. Also not forgeting, the smart untoucable, unitable and audacity of hope spewing ex-muslim Barack. When i listened to Barack, it sounded great at first but then i deciphered all that harvard spewing double talk. It made me realized, this could be the next Lenin in America. If you haven’t heard his former pastor, the great spewer of hate REV.Wright, you should before you vote. All the best candidates are out, America have rejected them. What i do know is that after this elections, America will not be the same. Will John Maccain be the second coming of Bush? time will tell.  <object width=”425″ height=”355″><param name=”movie” value=”http://www.youtube.com/v/Sd8ojA4XUTg&hl=en name=”wmode” value=”transparent”></param><embed src=”http://www.youtube.com/v/Sd8ojA4XUTg&hl=en” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” wmode=”transparent” width=”425″ height=”355″></embed></object>

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