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The Page – by Mark Halperin – TIME

Obama wants us to focus not on him,but on the issues. Can someone please remind him hes’ running for president. I don’t just want to know what he plan to do when he is president. I also want to know who he is and the people he hang out with which is a fair testament of his thinking. So i want to hear more of Rev.Wright,i want to hear what he heard for 20 years and until recently expudiated the man because it was politically the right thing to do.

Mr.Obama’s other “friend”(or mentor?) Mr. riccio is currently on trial. I am eager to get hold of the leaked transcripts to see just how closely this crook was connected to Obama. What will be interested to know is how the Obamas afforded their home which they couldn’t at the time afford to own. What is interested to know is that their home is a historical home and Michelle Obama used her influence on the historical society’s board in Illinois to get the home. They tried to buy it at least 3 times. I have a radar locked on Rev.Wright’s movements so when he raises his head and open his filthy mouth, i will be waiting to enjoy every moment of the show.

Obama,you are running for president  so act like it you dummy. Same goes for McCain,i know he is a old guy but come on show some energy and come out swinging.Jeez that wife of his needs to give him some chinese ginseng.


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